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River Ventures Group is a financial technology consultancy that leverages its extensive experience in capital markets, marketing strategy, and software development to provide bespoke solutions that help organizations reduce costs, improve processes, and marry emerging markets with emerging technologies.

Founded at the beginning of 2016 by four highly-skilled individuals with diverse backgrounds and years of experience in finance, marketing, compliance, and information security, RVG applies its expertise in these areas to design and manage reliable and performant solutions that suit the unique operational and data security needs of its clients.

Learn more about how to digitize your onboarding process by visiting our PoC (Proof of Concept) for RAPID, The Onboarding Portal at rapid.nahellc.com

Our Work

Multi-Product Trading Platform

Using our extensive experience in capital markets we design execution, settlement and regulatory reporting systems in deliverable and non-deliverable currencies, BTC, XRP, Gold and Oil. Using Smart Contracts and the concepts of workflow progression/tokenization, we script a trading and settlement environment that lends itself towards a blockchain solution. We use SWIFT protocol and follow ISO information security standards. Our integration of distributed ledgers, independent funds verification and blockchain enable-animation near-instant settlement.

Accounts Receivable Exchange

Scripted front-to-back trading platform to facilitate marketing, execution, settlement and accounting for an on-line account receivable exchange. Through careful consideration of the roles and functions performed we designed "file tokens" that include smart pointers and algorithms to represent specific jobs and topics. Some of these included onboarding, execution, settlement and reporting tokens. The tokens all map back to a Master token that represents all stages of a particular transaction. All Master tokens can be viewed on a dashboard for observable transparency into all aspects of the process.

Regional Bank Architectural and Management Project

Consulted on the viability of new banking division within a consortium of regional banks looking to update and scale their Foreign Exchange execution and wire business. We reviewed the current process and liquidity situation, commented on the viability on the proposed business plan and suggested several paths forward with special comments on new technologies and the regulatory environment. Extreme focus was placed on transitioning the business from traditional and manual processes to an automated and robust management environment. Savings of up to 80% were highlighted and new verticals were identified.

Blockchain Workflow Progression Demo Application

Designed and demonstrated workflow progression via web application for onboarding both clients and securities; execution, settlement, accounting and reporting of securities and cash. We can arrange a short, live demonstration of this proprietary application.

Onboarding Portal Identity Exchange

A working POC built on a proprietary mesh, written in HTML5/JS, Python, and Go. Creating a digital identity on a shared platform for onboarding of retail, SMB’s, and Financial Institutions. Keeping the information and data in the hands of the client and using independent and external verifications, including block chain, external API’s, and can capture legacy manual processes. Provides audit features, transparency, and accountability while increasing efficiency and improving time-to-market issues.

Elder Care and Financial Planning Resource

A software application built to support concerned families dealing with issues of Elder Care. Helpful narrative and guidance links, document library, contact directory, financial models, area resource links, and collaboration features are combined to assist families stay informed and organized. All documents, checklists, and data are subject to user defined access level permissioning, and are encrypted and secured to GDPR standards. Topics addressed such as Elder Care, Funeral planning, and Executor responsibilities. SaaS model ready for whitelabelling.

RVG Team

David O'Shea


Peter Carruthers


Stephen O'Shea


Jake Pavel


Board of Advisors

James M. Adrian


Chris Meyer


Paul Callahan

Head of Sales

Navi Sharma

Project Manager
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